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Illegibilus Application - Emet Etheal by Yolkeo Illegibilus Application - Emet Etheal by Yolkeo
Starting having a Harry Potter marathon and realised this was open.
Someone hold me back please- //Ilieddontholdme
I hope I get in in time, only one more for Slytherin
I'd be lucky if I even get in

Name: Emet Etheal (Em)


Gender: Female

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 51 kg

Birthday: 26th December

House: Slytherin

Year: Fifth


♦ Cynical  Flirtatious  Lethargic  Laconic  Slightly perverted ♦ Prideful  Manipulative  Perceptive ♦ Resourceful 

Since spending her years in Hogwarts she's changed a lot in character; becoming more outgoing, hard-headed and developing quite the ego. Emet lives with not many problems in mind. In a way she'd become more alien. Her emotions and the full brunt of events normally is nulled. Therefore when guilt strikes it is very irritating and foreign for her to cope with. Apologies and situations where admitting she was wrong is also a flaw she cannot surpass; being too prideful.

Preferably she likes most conversations to be light hearted otherwise it becomes too bothersome for her to handle. If they require too much effort to answer and she doesn’t feel like it, she’ll just lethargically answer with nods and ‘mms’.  This is especially when it comes to questions regarding her goals and aspirations. In turn for her laziness, she has rather keen senses and a knack for pinpointing other's emotions through body language. Although they do come off as black and white to her.

She can also be quite the flirt, generally in good-nature but can also be to make them drop their guard. If anyone was to respond to the 'flirting' she’d assume that they’d get along as friends. If not, the there would probably be a rough road ahead. Her flirtatious nature doesn’t correlate to gender either, although it is platonic. Corny pick up lines are her favourite, along with unexpected hand touching followed by a wink. Once she is acquainted with someone then it will occur on a more regular basis for her amusement. Likewise at times she can be quite manipulative and rather slick-tongued to gain what she needs off others. In these times she can be extremely resourceful to fulfill so.

Emet can be quite sociable when approached but can be rather short fused and internally nitpick others for their flaws inwardly. Normally when she’s angered she will curse beneath her breath but remain passive and dubious about her hate. She never really attached herself too much to anyone other than her brother; for good measures of not getting her feelings hurt or making a fool out of herself. 


Growing up was easy for Emet. Together, her family lived in one of the upper-class estates in England. Her father a pureblood was set into an arranged marriage with her also pureblooded mother. Although they both did not take to each other immediately, their relationship grew into that of love. They were gentle-natured people, although slightly money-thirsty. Three years later Riley fell pregnant with fraternal twins; a girl and a boy. Under the assumption that they would both be boys they prepared the names Emet and Eren, until later being informed it was quite the contrary.

Eren was the more boisterous of the bunch always picking fights with the neighbours' kids whereas Emet would be the one to pull him out and tattle-tale.  That didn’t mean that she wasn’t any trouble either. They would play all the basics of pranking and lived free of care, with only the concern of the originality of their tricks. Although she was older, many of their parents' colleagues commented that Emet took after her brother, moreso than the other way around.

Lachlan and Riley raised their children with the best education and the best of everything with what they could afford; administrating them to one of the most elite private schools in the area. Despite all the money lavishly spent on their children, Lachlan and Riley never forgot to properly spend time with them. Generally it was Riley who was at home, tended to them in Lachlan’s absence at work. Once he returned they would rotate. It was a routine that managed itself quite well. There were quite the lot of calls home that required a parent to meet the principal in their elementary years. Note that it wasn't because they were star of the week.

Eren and Emet would always be running around the estate playing hide and seek with one another afterschool. It was certainly a pesky and near impossible job to keep them in one place for an extended period of time. Their parents had rather high expectations for their children; although it seemed like Emet was always a step short of it. Regardless, they couldn’t bring themselves to properly scorn her before patting her and telling her “there’s always next time.”

Emet wanted to be everything for her slightly younger brother, loving him unconditionally. It was a borderline 'brother complex' her parents described it as. For her lack of attention in class she did rather well. Rather well being average. Her fondest memories would be staying up late at night and reading stories of magic with her brother, tucked warmly beneath a doona. Their favourite being the Snow Queen.

It was on their birthday, the day after Christmas that an owl came to visit them. Unfortunately the letter was only directed for one of the two children. Hurt and overall infuriated Emet refused to go. It was unconceivable that she would be caught any 15 foot radius astray of her brother, let alone another school. Her parents argued with her for days, urging her to go, that it would be in her best interest. But stubbornly would refuse them once again and storm off dragging Eren along. 

Through all this Eren would only stay quiet, careful not to say anything about it. It wasn’t until one day during the night when Eren woke Emet up; disclosing his feelings. He was jealous of her and that after mulling for a while, it would be best she left without him. With her brother's consent she finally accepted the letter and would leave him behind for fourth fifths of the year, for the next 7 years.

Moving to the new environment was very different, being without him and all. Making friends was more of his half of the arrangement. She was just the follow up addition that came along with the main package in that area. It was after a while that she decided she needed to have an Eren of her own; to take on the more outgoing parts of him so she could carry along unlonesome. Surprisingly, it worked. And ever since, she's been that way.


  • Lachlan Etheal - Father
  • Riley Winster - Mother
  • Eren Etheral - Fraternal Twin Brother

 Likes & Dislikes:

+ Generous people

+ Shorter people

+ Sleeping

+ Little brother

+ Sweets

+ Skinship

+ Reading and writing letters to/ from home

 - Spiders

- History (dates in particular)

- Uptight people who can’t take a joke

- Guilt and too much empathy

- Searching for the meaning of life


Elective Classes:

  • Study of Ancient Runes
  • Care of Magical Creatures

Extra Curricular:

  • Music
  • Art


  • Vanishing Spell - Evanesco
    • Causes an object to vanish. Vanished objects can be recovered, if necessary. Evanesco does not work on living creatures.
  • Ferula - Ferula
    • A simple medical spell, which bandages and splints a broken limb.
  • Incendio - Incendio
    • Creates a jet of flame which expels from the wand. The power of this spell increases with the skill and experience of the caster.
  • Tickling Charm - Rictusempra
    • The victim experiences tickling sensations all over the body, a very distracting condition.
  • Stunning Spell - StupefyChecui, or Musphasqa
    • Debate rages as to whether this is a charm, a jinx, or a hex - but it is considered one of the basic dueling spells. It temporarily stuns an opponent, rendering them inert for a few precious seconds.

Wand Ingredients:

  • Core: Unicorn
  • Length: Thirteen and a quarter inches
  • Wood: Cherry
  • Flexibility: Quite flexible
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