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I'm so sorry this is so late but I'm pretty much late on a million things rn //sweats nervously
Anyways I want to wish you a late Happy Birthday and merry christmas! We should really catch up soon!
And also I hope you don't mind me butchering your Will's hair D: 
Aaaahhh I want to talk more about headcanons and stuff with you soon~~ 
Thanks so much for being such a supportive friend!! You really have done so much for me over the past years!

Will belongs to :iconazuyasai:
Tsubaki belongs to me
Happy Late Birthday!! by Yolkeo
Happy Late Birthday!!
Sorry for the extremely late birthday drawing!! I haven't been able to draw recently but I hope this makes up for it!
We haven't talked in a while but I hope you're doing well. It's good that you get time to relax now since it's holidays~
Also sorry if I messed up any of her details/ butchered her. She's such a pretty oc ahah
Character belongs to :iconshuuqui:
IU: Maiha App by Yolkeo
IU: Maiha App

Name: Maiha (Dance of the Waves)

Age: Appearance: 26 Actual: 423

Gender: Female

Height: Human: 168cm Yokai: 205cm

Type: Ushi-Oni

Colours: #b9d08b (Wakaba-iro- light) and #e9546b (Rose- dark)


Polite | Benevolent |  Gentle | Naive | Short-tempered | Weak-hearted | Fickle

Different villages and people react differently to the fact she is an Ushi-oni. Some scorn her and others believe her to be like a deity that would bring good fortune and prosperous times to them. With the uncertainty of their appraisal she generally does not reveal herself in her demon form but sticks to her human one. 

Maiha is a well-cultured yokai, or so she believes herself to be. She avoids profanities and associating with those who use them. To the best of her abilities she tries to practice abstinence from human flesh due to her past, and uphold her values. 

She does have a tendency to see things the way she wants it despite the truth. Sometimes she would twist her reality to fit her liking rather than face what is truly there. Maiha is also weakhearted and can easily become infatuated with other if there is enough time for an interaction, but she it is also easy for her to change her opinion on others. She easily pities others and their hardships.


❄ Poetry and music

❄ Rain and water

❄ Fireworks from afar

❄ Stories of travel

❄ Thunder

❄ Animals


❄ Machinery 

❄ Lecherous men

❄ Men who abuse women

❄ Her extra extremities in her yokai form

❄ Stranded back in the human world

❄ Human ignorance

❄ Animal abuse for human pleasure


Harpoon: The detachment of her tail in yokai form. It wards away bad luck and evil and uses it as her main weapon.

Riptide: Can force in the water that pulls the opponent deeper into the water to drown them

Basic Medicinal Remedies: Has limited knowledge of herbs 


❄ Neap Tides 

❄ Drought 

❄ Smog and Pollution 


Maiha’s early memories are blurred and the her history beyond the shrine she was raised in is questionable. The priestesses took her under their wing and taught her the Shinto practices whilst aware of her demon lineage. It was the kind maternal-like figures that guided her in her earlier years that created a basis to her humanity. They taught her alternatives to human flesh and the lessons of abstinence.

As she matured and began to travel further into Japan she fell in love with a medicine peddler. He was a wandering man from Hokkaido that was travelling southernly routes to sell his medicinal herbs. It was his voice that first allured teenage Maiha to his charm. Smitten, she followed him and professed her love to which he fondly accepted. Upon one night she shed her human guise and her lover did not take to it so pleasantly. He shunned her and tried to slay her. He had realised that she was an Ushi-oni and her tail was priceless to ward bad luck away. Missing her tail, he hacked off her weak right horn. Aghast and hurt, she fled away to the watery depths of the for safety, never to return to his side again.

Time ate away at her conscious for a time period and she lost her mind one night, massacring a village and feeding on their meat. When she finally came to, guilt overrode her and she swore to herself she would never eat human meat again. This also led her to developing a fear of travelling too far back into the human world. She pushed herself to endeavour back, but her attempts to quell her fear never disappeared. 


❄ She loves it when travelling musicians set up camp near the waterside so she can listen

❄ Has never been kissed or experienced being intimate

❄ Is self conscious about her appearance/ legs 

❄ Rarely goes far from large bodies of water 

❄ Her hair gets tangled easily in the water with her horns

❄ When she’s around humans she complete retracts her horns and her bovine ears

RP Methods:
DA Note | Skype (potential-stalker) - please contact me about who you are first | Google Docs

No one can stop me from joining these gorgeous RP groups, NO ONE //cries


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